zanellato/bortotto — Website and print material for ZB industrial designers. Projects are presented through a showcase and a hidden layer backstory with text and extra backstage images. With Leonardo Azzolini; 2015.

PRECIOUS - DA PICASSO A JEFF KOONS Exhibition identity and catalogue for Diane Venet private collection. The catalogue organizes introductive contents, showcases and artworks index through a sandwich of different papers. With Leonardo Azzolini; 2015.

àires Coordinate and Microsite for an accordion quartet. Dynamic compositions are generated by strict grid system and horizontal bleed printed lines. Each generative artwork follows the events as a visual transposition; 2015.

àura Microsite, concept booklet and print material for Àura accessories designer. The logotype communicates the sharp style of the brand and it refers to a cutter blade. Photography: Chiara Rigato; 2014-2015.

GRAPHIC DESIGN FESTIVAL BREDA Exhibition at Stadsgalerij during the 5th edition of GDFB. 100 x 70 poster answers about the question - What Do You Do? (as a designer) - Jury: Rene Wawrzkiewicz, Richard Fussey & Cuby Gerards, Dennis Elbers 2015.

MEATPACKING D Logotype restyling, showcase and lookbook for MPD fashion brand. The logo is composed in Cairo, a redesign of Frederic Goudy's Copperplate Bold (1905). Website photography: Eleonora Agostini, Lookbook photography: Samuele Apperti; 2014.

Tracey Emin – Monograph Artist Monograph. The project integrates artist's work and personal life for revealing intimate details and establishing a contact with the viewer. Contents: Alessia Bernardi for Venice Accademia di Belle Arti; 2014.

the book affair - revival of a classic novel Contest for Sun68 limited edition t-shirt series. The visual proposes the James Joyce's stream of consciousness through a typographic work. Contest by Automatics Book, Jury: Tankboys, David Horwitz; 2013

aveamen - design per lo spirito Identity and catalogue for Aveamen exhibition at Laboratorio 2729. Secular, provocative and functional living in 20 proposals around the possibilities of sacred design. With Fabio Furlanis, Photography: Nicholas Bastianello; 2013.

Luparense Customization guide for button factory. The catalogue educates buyers to build their product in relation with material capabilities. An intro presents the production process through an infographic system generated by a translucid layers insert.