Kinnernet Italy — Set up and coordinate for Kinnernet Italy 2015: annual networking event for Internet professionals, organized by Israeli entrepreneur and investor Yossi Vardi and H-FARM. Credits: H-FARM; 2015.

Unicredit FNE 15 — Set up and coordinate for Unicredit Forum Nordest 2015. The 10 colors palette, based on 4 gradients, organizes threads and worktables of forum programme. Credits: H-FARM; 2015.

H-FARM —A selection of operation on H-FARM Identity. The Hall: Visual solutions for soundproof panels, three-dimensional stuff and cutted vinyl adhesive applications. Typography interacts with the curved element of auditorium pictogram. / Map: Infographic map based on hexagonal modular compositions that can be viewed in one or three dimensions. Each color identifies a specific area or work field. Credits: H-FARM; 2015.